Counterfeit Control Mandate

The ECB Lays Down the Law

To protect the integrity of EURO banknotes, the European Central Bank (ECB) has issued mandates describing currency management protocols.

The word FAKE in red with a rubber stamp appearance

The ECB measures are deemed necessary to protect Euro banknotes against counterfeiting and require ATM operators within the Euro area to withdraw from circulation all Euro banknotes known or suspected to be counterfeit.

ECB Article 6 Terms of Reference provides details of different note categories, how each is defined and handled, and actions to be taken regarding the traceability of banknotes classified as, or suspected to be, counterfeit.

CSFi and SWITCHWARE® already support ECB certified NCR cash deposit solutions compliant with Article 6 of the European Central Bank (ECB) Council Regulations. Support for Diebold Nixdorf solutions, once certified, is imminent.

SWITCHWARE support for both NCR and Diebold Nixdorf solutions includes customizable ATM Electronic Journal and customer receipt mnemonics accounting for all notes seized at the ATM.

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