Detect and Block Unauthorized ATM/POS Limit Changes in SWITCHWARE G4


In order to mitigate losses stemming from ATM cash out schemes, CSFi recently deployed an update designed to stop this type of attack in its tracks.

Utilizing Sentinel™ alerts, the update simplifies the detection of unauthorized changes to card limits. SWITCHWARE® and EZswitch® users now have a simple way to ensure that no one performs back office or other access of the system without the bank knowing about it. Whether originating from a compromised workstation or any other source, users now have the capability to stop this type of fraud before it happens. Contact CSFi to Learn more

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New Sentinel™ II Alert Notification System

The latest version of CSFi’s Sentinel™ Alert Notification System integrates with SWITCHWARE® and EZswitch® to provide increased layers of redundancy and alerting in the unattended monitoring of your ATMs, core system interface, EFT network connection(s) and more. Sentinel™ services can now be installed on multiple Windows platforms sending alerts to multiple email SMTP servers. If any component is disrupted the surviving Sentinel programs will create alerts that the user receives.

As always, alerts can be sent by email, cell phone or alphanumeric pager to pre-defined staff or third party service agents at pre-defined times depending on the nature and type of problem detected. The alerts are escalated until the alert condition is resolved.

New in Sentinel II

The new Sentinel II can be installed as a background service that runs, not just a Windows PC, but also a Windows Server (2012R2 or 2016) and be installed on multiple servers to ensure a fully redundant alert system.

  • Allows for multiple installs and points of redundancy (to avoid any one fail point)
  • Runs as a background .NET service on Windows (desktop or server)
  • Can monitor multiple copies of SWITCHWARE® (Production, DR, and other systems used by SWITCHWARE®).
  • Can send emails and texts out on multiple channels (local SMTP, Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, etc.)

Click here to learn more about the latest edition of Sentinel

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