Baiduri Bank to Implement SWITCHWARE High Availability

Brunei: Having long relied upon CSFi solutions for multi-vendor ATM driving and management, EMV support, disaster recovery, and on-line ATM/debit core authorization and EFT interfaces, Baiduri Bank is now implementing a new SWITCHWARE® high availability solution.

Operating in today’s super competitive 24/7 global economy means that mission critical applications can’t afford to be off-line. Stable system operations and maximized up-time are vital to the success of any large-scale banking operation. Customer loyalty and brand identity are tested and redefined with every transaction.

As one of the leading banks in the country, with a long record of financial innovation and pioneering activities, Baiduri Bank’s payment card business has the largest card member and merchant base in the region. It is the only bank in Brunei to hold franchises for four major card brands: American Express, Visa, MasterCard and China Union Pay.

CSFi offers a wide array of solutions designed to reduce downtime, monitor and optimize system performance, and thwart fraudulent activities.

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