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Our Resellers

CSFi maintains a network of global resellers for regional sales, support and distribution. Our software solutions are used by banks and financial institutions around the globe. Our reselling partners make it possible to deliver the same high-quality software, support and services that so many have come to enjoy working directly with CSFi. Resellers are established to not only provide the software solution, but are equipped to provide first and second line technical support (depending on the level of training they have undertaken). Several of our resellers provide software integration, project management, on-site installation and on-site support services.

Bartleet IT

Territory: Sri Lanka
Contact: Mr. Omar E Lebbe (Director/CEO),
Ms Nabila Dole
Phone: +94 11.432.4900
Fax: +



Territory: India
Contact: Mr. Sundeep Bhatia
(President/Chief Architect)

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