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International Bank of Commerce Deploys G4 Web-Apps

In order to streamline operations and simplify monitoring and management of today’s and tomorrow’s payments technologies, International Bank of Commerce (IBC)  is live with G4 Web-based applications as the new front end interface for their SWITCHWARE® card and ATM management production environment.

International Bank of Commerce
International Bank of Commerce

Founded in 1966 to meet the needs of small businesses in Laredo, Texas, IBC now serves as the flagship bank of International Bancshares Corporation. Since its opening, IBC Bank has grown from less than $1 million in assets to more than $12.2 billion, making it one of Texas’ largest holding companies. Since 2011 the bank has relied upon CSFi to streamline management of their ATMs and debit card issuing and acquiring environment and is now taking advantage of SWITCHWARE G4 to further lower costs, boost revenues, and improve operational efficiency.

G4 Web-based Applications

Providing the bank with powerful tools for managing their system, the G4 Web-based “at-a glance” view of the entire debit payment network includes intuitive navigation tools and “hover-over” and “drill-down” research capabilities. Customer’s taking advantage of G4 report exponential improvement in ease of use, transaction processing management and general system control including:

  • Real-time ATM Monitoring
  • Real-time full system monitoring of all connections and database status
  • Real-time advanced “drill down” transaction and cardholder research and reporting
  • Automated routine job/task scheduling and management
  • Secure, single point of sign-on for multiple users with customized roles and permissions
  • Advanced card maintenance and transaction research reporting
  • Automated routine job/task scheduling and management
  • Secure, single point of sign-on for multiple users with customized roles and permissions

The ability to accommodate the latest innovations in profit maximizing technology is more important than ever. Contact CSFi to learn more about incorporating the transaction processing power, scalability and functionalities of SWITCHWARE® with G4 Web-based Apps in your unique ATM operating environment.

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SWITCHWARE 4 TR-31 Key Block Support

Starting in January 2018, organizations that use cryptogram-based encryption methods to protect their symmetric keys began transferring to a key block-based encryption method. This change reflects the update made to PCI PIN guidelines to better protect cryptographic keys from unintended use. Of the various methods available, the TR-31 key block format is the most popular. 

The TR-31 key blocks stored in SWITCHWARE 4.0 (and above) work well with all existing RKL transport methods in place today.

In the near future TR-31/34 support for RKL with SWITCHWARE-driven ATMs is planned to be offered using a single SWITCHWARE interface to Trusted Security Solution’s A98 system. 

Click here for more information on TR-31 Key Block Storage and additional CSFi Encryption Solutions and Updates.

Click here to learn more about PCI Pin Security Requirements

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Support During COVID-19 Virus Pandemic

Dear Valued Customer,

Considering the ongoing COVID-19 virus pandemic, CSF International (CSFi) wishes to communicate to you that we are conducting our business as usual and you will not experience any degradation in customer support services. All CSFi staff members are being socially responsible and adhering to government-imposed precautions to limit the spread of this virus and to avoid placing undue strain on our country’s health care services.

CSFi employees are currently using a combination of social distancing and also working from home. For business continuity, we have also been using the latest technologies available to conduct our daily business operations. This includes but is not limited to our own Internet-based web support system for customer support tickets and various other commercially available applications like ConnectWise, WhatsApp, GoToMeeting, WebEx and Skype that allow CSFi to communicate amongst staff members and customers.

We encourage you to continue your normal ways of interacting with CSFi. This includes using our web support system for generating trouble tickets, sending emails to our regular email addresses, calling our normal phone numbers and extensions (CSFi is initiating automated forwarding to alternate numbers for key employees) and our 24/7 after hours call center for those with a subscription and access code.

During these challenging times, we are thankful to the hard working people in the health care profession and first responders who are catering to the ill. We wish our customers, their families and the world the best of health.

Throughout history, humanity has faced many challenges. The strength and resiliency of the human spirit has overcome every obstacle to survival. We have always emerged stronger. Difficult times have a way of bringing out the best in people and remind us all of what is most important in life – this time will be no different and we shall overcome!

Be well and kind regards,
CSF International, Inc.

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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is Live with a New SWITCHWARE® Direct Interface to Visa International

A customer of CSFi since 1998, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) is live with a new SWITCHWARE® direct interface to Visa International complementing their existing SWITCHWARE direct interface to MasterCard.  ADIB is one of the leading banks in the United Arab Emirates with additional banking operations in Iraq, Qatar and the United Kingdom. 

Value, Service and Accountability

CSFi prides itself on the length and strength of customer relationships and is proud to be associated with ADIB.  ADIB is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and to managing its business in a way that creates value for customers, shareholders, employees and the communities in which it operates.

For more information about CSFi visit our website Register Now and Login to view hundreds of videos, whitepapers, and other documentation describing the CSFi experience.

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CSFi Establishes Direct Testing and Certification Channel with ATM Vendors

CSFi established direct VPN channels with each of the three major ATM manufacturers, Diebold Nixdorf, NCR and Hyosung. This direct approach will streamline the certification and testing process for new ATM hardware components and installed software modules on the ATM. Previously, CSFi had to rely on hardware and software delivered directly to CSFi labs in order to carry out the certification process. With a direct VPN connection, new components can be tested with SWITCHWARE in a fraction of the time. These channels are a reflection of the ongoing strong relationship that CSFi shares with all the ATM manufacturers, and our continued pursuit to provide superior solutions and services to our end-user customers.

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Discontinued Support for IE in Future G4 Web Apps

Since many of our customers rely upon Microsoft products in their data centers, CSFi has continued to provide support for Microsoft’s legacy web browser, Internet Explorer. Now that Windows 7 is no longer supported the new Microsoft Edge browser has become the standard browser available for Windows, version 8 and onward. As a result of this change, CSFi intends to discontinue support for IE with our G4 web apps. Customers already using CSFi G4 web apps versions 1.5 and earlier will continue to receive support for IE. In cooperation with Microsoft’s policy to discontinue support for Internet Explorer, the upcoming release for G4 web apps (version 1.6 and onward) will no longer offer support for Internet Explorer. Our customers are encouraged to begin making the transition from this unsupported web-browser to a supported one. Supported browsers include the latest versions of:

Happy Guy sitting at a desktop computer with browser icons for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari.
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Related information on this subject can be found here:

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ATM Journal Data Viewable Using G4 Web

The SWITCHWARE® G4 Web Application includes a new Electronic Journal viewing solution which simplifies an ATM network manager’s ability to easily access ATM journal data, improving the overall monitoring, management and optimization of the self-service delivery channel.

ATM electronic journals provide a detailed record of all ATM activity including significant hardware and software events. The ability to easily access and analyze this data is a necessary component of any successful ATM network management strategy and critical to the rapid resolution of hardware, software, security, or transaction issues threatening financial loss, device availability or customer relationships.

Integrated Remote Management

Designed to streamline the monitoring of ATM Electronic Journals in a multi-vendor environment, the SWITCHWARE G4 Electronic Journal solution provides a single browser based view of the entire ATM Electronic Journal estate including NCR, Diebold and Triton ATMs.

Whether downloading searchable historical data or streaming terminal specific real-time ATM activity, the scalable and secure G4 Electronic Journal module enables authorized users to efficiently monitor and manage electronic journal functionality for nearly any multi-vendor ATM portfolio.

Contact a CSFi sales agent or visit our website to find out more about the benefits of incorporating the processing power, scalability, and functionalities of SWITCHWARE® G4 and Electronic Journal into your operating environment.

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JHA Banking Interface Options

JHA Core Banking Interface Support using MEALink

Solution Summary

SWITCHWARE® – a globally recognized electronic payment system designed to manage, process and route ATM, ITM and POS debit transactions, as well interface to a core banking system, an EFT network and manage a bank’s EMV-enabled debit cards. The system’s latest G4 version allows for a web-based front end module used for ATM monitoring to deliver a graphically-intuitive display with a command-level view of the entire ATM network. Real-time icon statuses show the activity of each ATM as it is happening. It includes a robust card-issuing module with open account relationships that can link one or more accounts with one or more card records. Multiple BINs and institutions may be arranged for logical groupings that correlate to the FI’s requirements for issuance. A comprehensive card limits and authorization rules module provides control over withdrawals and authorizations. Additionally, cardholder transaction research, settlement, and dispute resolution are all achievable from a single system.

Interface Options for SilverLake™ and CIF 20/20®

Traditional core system interfaces have relied on a standard ISO 8583 interface or some type of XML-based host interface. With Jack Henry banking systems there are two options to interface with both the Silverlake and CIF 20/20 platforms:

jXchange Middleware – The Jack Henry third-party gateway which utilizes a Windows-based .NET web SOAP interface to access all Jack Henry systems. It was originally designed for interfacing with third party systems, such as check imaging, internet banking, loan systems, etc., and each SOAP session requires user authentication with special SOAP handling logic. jXchange also requires the customer to have a separate server and individual interfaces for each connection to the core. Lastly, this approach is not recommended for high-volume or high-performance customers who need to process several transactions a second.

MEALink – Offered by MEA Financial, the AS/400 middleware solution provides a direct interface to the iSeries JHA core system (both Silverlake and CIF 20/20). This option is a more streamlined approach, achieving the highest throughput and performance possible for memo posting a debit transaction to the Jack Henry core.

MEALink Middleware Advantages

The use of a standard financial interface – No longer using an HTTP SOAP interface designed for third-party processing (internet-banking, check-imaging, etc.). Jack Henry controls the way in which third-parties access their solution using SOAP. SOAP has a considerable amount of bloatware (code that has lots of unnecessary rules and controls that inhibit performance).

Streamlined support – The number of organizations and groups involved to implement new changes or troubleshoot issues is greatly reduced. The “time to resolution” for support tickets and issues is shortened considerably using this method.

Direct access to JHA core systems – Not having to rely on multiple layers of solutions (points of failure) to get access to the Silverlake or CIF 20/20 core system.

Higher performance and throughput – Using MEA middleware will allow CSFi solutions to pump financial transactions to the core at an exponentially higher rate than could ever be possible with jXchange. Virtually no limitation to any amount of transaction volume.

MEA installs directly on AS/400 – No need to purchase other server equipment, and no other system or server has to sit between SWITCHWARE and the JHA core system.

Better integration for desired enhancements – Setting up future solutions, like card maintenance, or PIN Change at the ITM/ATM can be handled in a more expeditious manner, and would require very little (if no) involvement from Jack Henry.

Tight integration with MEA and CSFi ancillary solutions – Using the variety of MEA Financial and CSFi products, the suite of solutions are coupled to offer features such as allowing the cardholder to temporarily disable the debit-card from a mobile system, or allow cardholders to increase their card limits from the internet banking or mobile system, where those changes can flow to SWITCHWARE in real-time.

Supported Transactions

CSFi’s software provides a comprehensive list of financial transactions that can be supported via the interface to Jack Henry core systems:

  • ATM Cash Withdrawal
  • Fast Cash
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Transfers
  • Deposits
  • No-Envelope Cash and Check Deposits
  • Payment form Envelope
  • Mini-statements
  • Purchase Stamps
  • Reversals
  • PIN Change
  • P2P Cardless WDL
  • Pre-Authorization (POS)
  • Purchase Completion (POS)
  • Purchase Withdrawal (POS)
  • Cash Withdrawal (POS)
  • Refund (POS)
  • Reversal (POS)

How Are Cards Managed?

The card records and account mapping is handled in CSFi’s software. Using the software components, users can issue and manage the card records independent of the core banking platform. CSFi software provides several card management features including:

  • EMV chip card issuance
  • A positive or negative card file
  • Multiple card issues (ATM, debit card, etc.)
  • Transaction processing limits
  • Detailed transaction history and search features
  • Multiple cards tied to the same account
  • Card maintenance batch file extract for networks and other system consumers
  • Card production client to provide separate file for embossing
  • Support for instant card issuance
  • And much more…
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The First National Bank & Trust is Live with EZswitch G4

Miami, OK: Taking advantage of the latest enhancements to CSFi’s EZswitch® software, First National Bank & Trust is now live with an upgrade from CSFi’s EZswitch® Plus to EZswitch® G4. For over a century, First National Bank & Trust Company has embraced a philosophy placing customer needs, service, and security above all else.

The new online interface between their Fiserv Precision core operating system and TransFund/ELAN EFT network will streamline operations and minimize costs while maximizing data and transaction security.

Providing immediate and recognizable benefits to the bank and customers, the seamless upgrade included implementation of support for Cardholder Alerts as well as CSFi’s Sentinel™ Alert Notification System for unattended monitoring of the core system interface, EFT network connection(s) and more.

CSFi’s G4 Web-based apps will provide First National Bank & Trust with powerful front-end tools for managing their new system. A graphical “at-a glance” view of the entire payments network and intuitive navigational tools including “hover-over” and “drill-down” capabilities afford real-time system wide monitoring, automated job/task scheduling, advanced card maintenance and transaction research and reporting, and more.

EZswitch G4 base system functionalities include online ATM/debit issuer authorizations, real-time online card maintenance (OLCM) updates, and single point of card maintenance entry as well as an expanding menu of additional new features and options reducing fraud losses and streamlining management of debit card operations:

  • Support for cardholder alerts (via email and SMS text)
  • Support for multiple ATM/EFT, and other third party connections
  • ATM inactivity status updates
  • Single sign-on support for multiple users
  • System health check monitoring including all connections and database status
  • Stand-in authorization using a positive balance file (in addition to using card limits), when the host authorizing system is unavailable
  • On-demand network denial rules
  • Reconciliation subsystem
  • Audits and logs of all user activity and more…

To learn more, Register now at to enable full access to our web resources. Once registered, users have full access to brochures, videos and additional information fully describing the features and benefits of EZswitch®, G4, Sentinel™, and our entire suite of products, services and solutions.

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Republic Bank Limited to Implement FraudBlock

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Recognizing the importance of deploying innovative solutions that anticipate customer’s future banking requirements, Republic Bank Limited (RBL) will be implementing CSFi’s FraudBlock™ real-time fraud detection and prevention solution to meet the bank’s fraud detection and prevention needs for their 1.4 million cardholders.

FraudBlock will be used to inspect electronic payment transactions passing through SWITCHWARE® from the bank’s LINX EFT network. The solution’s advanced fraud prevention capabilities and intuitive user interface will enable the easy analysis of historical and real-time data necessary to identify suspicious activity and invoke pro-active rule modifications critical to addressing emerging threats.

Since its inception as the Colonial Bank in 1837, the Republic Bank Group with total assets of nearly US $10.5 billion has become one of the largest and most profitable banks in the English-speaking Caribbean. Serving the region for over 179 years, ATM management and switching solutions for over 23 years.


FraudBlock™ is CSFI’s dynamic, real-time fraud detection and prevention solution designed to integrate seamlessly with SWITCHWARE to reduce fraud losses and boost cardholder confidence. FraudBlock will provide RBL with real-time fraud monitoring and research, and the capability to stop fraud before it happens. The highly parameterized rules-based nature of the system will allow extreme flexibility in the tailoring of functionalities to meet both current and future business requirements of the bank and its customers.

FraudBlock™ features include:

  • Real-time transaction processing and authorization
  • Management of post-action outcomes when a rule violation occurs
  • Full client auditing and real-time transaction monitoring and research
  • Automatic logging of suspected fraud activity for future review and analysis
  • Ability to develop and disseminate ad-hoc and canned fraud activity reports
  • Blocking fraud at the cardholder level
  • Unlimited on-demand network denial rules
  • Risky merchant, country and “other “category designations
  • Card level rule management and override features for individual cardholders
  • Establish acquiring rules for ATMs and POS devices
  • Special fraud rules for EMV handling (Fallback, Entry-mode, etc.)
  • Detection of fraud based on card-not-present transactions
  • Block transactions based on acquirer information (merchant, country, etc.)
  • Over 30 pre-loaded rules
  • “Rule iteration” enabling quick easy construction of new rules by simple modification of existing rules
  • Fraud event alerting via email and SMS-text
  • Easy viewing and reporting on transaction data, rules validation results and statistics and more…

To learn more, Register now at and enable full access to our web resources. Once registered, users have full access to brochures, videos and additional information fully describing the features and benefits of SWITCHWARE®, FraudBlock™, and our entire suite of products, services and solutions.

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