ATM Journal Data Viewable Using G4 Web

The SWITCHWARE® G4 Web Application includes a new Electronic Journal viewing solution which simplifies an ATM network manager’s ability to easily access ATM journal data, improving the overall monitoring, management and optimization of the self-service delivery channel.

ATM electronic journals provide a detailed record of all ATM activity including significant hardware and software events. The ability to easily access and analyze this data is a necessary component of any successful ATM network management strategy and critical to the rapid resolution of hardware, software, security, or transaction issues threatening financial loss, device availability or customer relationships.

Integrated Remote Management

Designed to streamline the monitoring of ATM Electronic Journals in a multi-vendor environment, the SWITCHWARE G4 Electronic Journal solution provides a single browser based view of the entire ATM Electronic Journal estate including NCR, Diebold and Triton ATMs.

Whether downloading searchable historical data or streaming terminal specific real-time ATM activity, the scalable and secure G4 Electronic Journal module enables authorized users to efficiently monitor and manage electronic journal functionality for nearly any multi-vendor ATM portfolio.

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