ATM Inactivity Alerts

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The value of real-time monitoring and receiving ATM inactivity alerts cannot be overestimated. Often an indication that something is wrong, ATM inactivity may be the result of issues not ordinarily detected by traditional ATM diagnostic tools. This may include chewing gum lodged in the card reader or any other external issue that renders the ATM unusable but does not trigger an error condition to the backend ATM/switch system. ATMs that are unavailable and idle for any length of time is bad for your bottom line and bad for the cardholder’s experience.

Providing for the efficient monitoring and management of the entire ATM/EFT network, including real-time details of critical ATM/EFT network statuses, the hover-over and drill down facilities of the SWITCHWARE® G4 interface make it easy for authorized users to access and utilize the solution’s full capabilities. Vibrant, icon-based displays and color-coded alerts allow for immediate determination of the status of the entire ATM network, critical EFT switch network and core system connections, plus single click access to the system’s powerful card management, transaction research, system maintenance and reporting tools.

CSFi’s ATM Inactivity alerts work in conjunction with Sentinel and can be configured to react by:

  • Recognizing an ATM hardware fault has already been identified explaining the inactivity, and ignoring the alert
  • Dispatching/notifying a designated agent to check the ATM
  • Recording inactivity history essential to determining and setting individual ATM alert thresholds
  • And much more…

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