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Summer 2018 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 16

September 28, 2018 Summer 2018 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 16Featured Story: To Block or Not to Block
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FBI Alert: Global “Unlimited” ATM Cash-Out Scheme Exposed

August 22, 2018 FBI Alert: Global “Unlimited” ATM Cash-Out Scheme Exposed
According to a confidential alert obtained by security researcher Brian Krebs, “The Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning banks that cybercriminals are preparing to carry out a highly choreographed, global fraud scheme known as an “ATM cash-out,” in which crooks hack a bank or payment card processor and use cloned cards at cash machines around the world to fraudulently withdraw millions of dollars in just … Read More ►

CSFi Partners with MEA Solutions to Participate in National Show

August 16, 2018
CSFi recently participated as a partner vendor in the 6th annual national MEA User Conference located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our attendance gave new opportunity for regional and core-platform-specific financial institutions to learn more about our ATM driving and debit processing solutions. This event also represented the culmination of several months of discussion between CSFi and MEA Financial Solutions to solidify the partnership of our two … Read More ►

Border State Bank Upgrading to EZswitch G4 with RTCM

August 3, 2018 Border State Bank Upgrading to EZswitch G4 with RTCMGreenbush, MN: Dedicated to employing the most advanced technology available to provide the best customer experience possible, Border State Bank is upgrading from EZswitch® 2012 to EZswitch® G4 with Real-Time Card Maintenance (RTCM). The new online interface connecting the bank’s Fiserv Precision core banking system to the First Data (Star) EFT network will enable the implementation of a host of new EZswitch features proven to … Read More ►

ADIB is Live with Iraqi National Switch

July 17, 2018 ADIB is Live with Iraqi National SwitchAbu Dhabi, UAE: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) is live with a new SWITCHWARE® interface required by the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) to support ADIB’s Iraq branch delivery of ATM acquirer transactions and receiving POS issuer transactions.
Utilizing a single instance of SWITCHWARE located in Abu Dhabi, the system now supports the Iraqi National Switch and enables Iraqi ATMs to accept foreign cardholder transactions and … Read More ►

Spring 2018 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 15

June 19, 2018 Spring 2018 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 15Featured Story: Multi Language and Multi Currency Support at the ATM
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ATM Communications Encryption Using SSL/TLS 1.2

June 18, 2018 ATM Communications Encryption Using SSL/TLS 1.2The ability to secure communications using SWITCHWARE’s support for SSL/TLS provides an essential layer of security for ATM networks. This commonly used encryption protocol is the same technology that powers the majority of internet and web encryption for all major web browsers. The security and power of a hardened encryption solution along with a highly adopted and well-known version makes SSL/TLS 1.2 the perfect solution … Read More ►

Win/Win: Deposit Automation and Cash Recycling

June 18, 2018 Win/Win: Deposit Automation and Cash RecyclingThe Facts
Over 80% of traditional teller transactions can be handled through a self-service device. Investment in ATM deposit automation and cash recycling functionality yields big returns through a more streamlined cash and check deposit process that eliminates envelopes. Cash automation functionalities allow bank staff to focus on high value sales, product promotion and service activities and less on low value transactions and ATM cash replenishment.
Leveraging … Read More ►

Breaking the Bank

June 18, 2018 Breaking the BankWhile the “jackpotting” escapades of ATM fraudsters garner headlines, the activities of “foreign cardholders” pose a more significant and frequent threat to U.S. ATM operators. Card acquirers reporting the incidence of ATMs being drained of cash by persons using foreign-issued payment cards is on the rise.
Financial institutions around the world have disclosed that when ATM cash supplies are unexpectedly and abruptly emptied it most likely … Read More ►

Multi Language and Multi Currency Support at the ATM

June 18, 2018 Multi Language and Multi Currency Support at the ATM
Global, Mobile and Demanding
Maximizing innovation is more important now than ever. The battle for consumer favor has never been more intense. A truly global economy places extreme pressure on financial service providers to meet and beat consumer expectations. A financial institution’s ability to maintain profitability while satisfying customer demand is the goal. Winning and retaining customers to expand market share is critical, and banks must … Read More ►

First American Bank is Live with EZswitch G4

June 6, 2018 First American Bank is Live with EZswitch G4Vacherie, LA: Addressing the need for real-time management capability for their debit card programs, First American Bank & Trust is now live with CSFi’s EZswitch® G4 as the new online interface to their Fiserv Precision core banking system and First Data Star EFT network. The deployment of the new system in a virtualized VMware ESXi environment ensures that both the bank and its cardholders are … Read More ►

Universal Savings Bank is Live with SWITCHWARE G4

May 15, 2018 Universal Savings Bank is Live with SWITCHWARE G4Universal Savings Bank is live with an upgrade from SWITCHWARE 3.11 to SWITCHWARE® G4.
Configured as an ATM controller and transaction acquirer system, the bank now relies upon SWITCHWARE G4 for the routing of all acquired transactions, ATM monitoring, and maximum system availability.
Streamlining operations and minimizing costs while translating native ATM messages into the bank’s specified format for authorization, CSFi and SWITCHWARE G4 have once again … Read More ►

ATM Inactivity Alerts

April 26, 2018 ATM Inactivity AlertsThe value of real-time monitoring and receiving ATM inactivity alerts cannot be overestimated. Often an indication that something is wrong, ATM inactivity may be the result of issues not ordinarily detected by traditional ATM diagnostic tools. This may include chewing gum lodged in the card reader or any other external issue that renders the ATM unusable but does not trigger an error condition to the … Read More ►

ATM Journal Data Viewable Using G4 Web

April 26, 2018 ATM Journal Data Viewable Using G4 WebThe SWITCHWARE® G4 Web Application includes a new Electronic Journal viewing solution which simplifies an ATM network manager’s ability to easily access ATM journal data, improving the overall monitoring, management and optimization of the self-service delivery channel.
ATM electronic journals provide a detailed record of all ATM activity including significant hardware and software events. The ability to easily access and analyze this data is a necessary … Read More ►

JHA Banking Interface Options

March 20, 2018 JHA Banking Interface OptionsJHA Core Banking Interface Support using MEALink
SWITCHWARE® – a globally recognized electronic payment system designed to manage, process and route ATM, ITM and POS debit transactions, as well interface to a core banking system, an EFT network and manage a bank’s EMV-enabled debit cards. The system’s latest G4 version allows for a web-based front end module used for ATM monitoring to deliver a graphically-intuitive display … Read More ►

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