ATM Electronic Journal

Solution Summary

Manage the ATM’s electronic journal (EJ) history and log remotely, saving the bank countless hours in maintaining journal receipts locally at the machine. ATMs typically had two printers for recording transactions, the customer transaction receipt printer and the internal record journal printer used to track daily ATM activity. In the past, financial institutions would need to ensure that journal paper was well-stocked, and the journal would be collected each time the ATM was balanced.This process, both tedious and time consuming, became a logistical nightmare for banks trying to keep up with fleets of ATMs. Thanks to CSFi’s electronic journal feature the ability to remotely access the ATM journal is a cinch.


  • NCR ATM configure EJ download
  • Diebold ATM configured EJ download
  • Triton ATM configured EJ download
  • Electronic journal viewer (thick and thin-based)


  • Save time and money eliminating journal paper replenishment
  • Handle dispute resolution by remotely accessing journals
  • Simplify ATM troubleshooting
  • Modernize your ATM management


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